SceneScape FAQ



What is SceneScape?

SceneScape is a production-music library for use in all media. It consists of 143 minutes of music spread across 147 tracks. The musical style of SceneScape is best described as "expressive music textures, drones, and ambient underscores."


What is a production-music library?

Production music is pre-recorded, ready-for-broadcast, instrumental background music. A production-music library contains many different musical themes (which may be in various styles) and provides one-stop shopping for anyone looking for music. Licensing music from a production-music library is much more cost-effective than hiring a composer to create custom work.

Production music can be heard in television, film, film trailers, TV/radio promos, videos, DVDs, commercials, infomercials, corporate media presentations, trade-show presentations, websites, CD-ROMs, shopping malls, and just about anywhere else that music is used.


What is a cue sheet and where can I find one?

A cue sheet contains 1) a list of all the pieces of music used in a production; 2) the name of the composer, lyricist, and music publisher for each piece of music; and 3) a few other details. Each separate production has its own cue sheet. For more information, please visit our Cue Sheets page.