Cue Sheets


Please contact us with any questions you have or for assistance in filing cue sheets, as we make every attempt to assist our clients in this matter and get our composers paid.

Some basic information on cue sheets and how to file them is provided below.


What is a cue sheet?

A cue sheet contains 1) a list of all the pieces of music used in a production; 2) the name of the composer, lyricist, and music publisher for each piece of music; and 3) a few other details. Each separate production has its own cue sheet.


Will filing a cue sheet cost me anything?

No! There are no fees involved in filing a cue sheet, even if you have us help you do it.


How do I know if I need to file a cue sheet?

If your production contains music and is for broadcast or certain types of public performance, a cue sheet should be filed so that the composers and publishers can receive their performance royalties.


Why do I need to file a cue sheet with ASCAP?

Whenever a piece of music is performed in public, the composer, lyricist, and publisher of the music are entitled under law to receive compensation in the form of performance royalties. Organizations known as performing rights organizations collect revenue on behalf of the composer, lyricist, and publisher with respect to performances on radio, television, movie theatres and certain other sources. The organization representing the music in SceneScape is ASCAP.

Music cue sheets are used to inform ASCAP about all the pieces of music used in a production so that ASCAP can track the public performances and distribute the payments correctly to the entitled parties.

If you are located outside of the United States, there is a performing rights organization (PRO) in your country that can receive the cue sheet and forward it to ASCAP. Contact ASCAP for help locating your local PRO.


When should I file a cue sheet with ASCAP?

You should make up and file a cue sheet as soon as your production is completed (at the end of postproduction).


How do I file a cue sheet with ASCAP?

Send a cue sheet for each production to ASCAP and a copy to SceneScape Music Library at the following addresses:

ATTN: Cue Sheet Dept.
One Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY 10023

SceneScape Music Library
4415 Ocean View Blvd., #15
Montrose CA 91020

For further information, to download a sample cue sheet, or to download a blank music-cue-sheet template, please go to "Everything You Need To Know About Cue Sheets" on ASCAP's website.